Look Up

Look up.

Your external world reflects your internal world, which you are responsible for co-creating. You have the power. So it makes sense that you see whatever you consciously or unconsciously choose to see. Sometimes our circumstances have been created, by us, to teach us a much-needed lesson, and we can’t see a reality we don’t believe is possible but, as we learn and grow, the choices we make move us in the direction of the life we want and believe we deserve.

When you love yourself enough to say goodbye to what no longer serves you, when you finally realise you have been living in a fantasy of your own making, when it sinks in that you have been attached to an idea of something that guided you in this direction, and you’re grateful for who and where you are now, but no longer need that belief system to drive you forwards, you find yourself able to look up and see what it is you want to see. You realise you have the power to create your own reality.

When you love yourself enough to release those things you held on to so tightly for so long and suddenly feel lighter and liberated from that unhealthy construct of your own making, it’s like opening your eyes to the sunlight and being momentarily blinded by what seems to be an obvious revelation. To just be aware of the ongoing process you are living through, is enough to see the lesson in everything you experience. That’s true alchemy 🙏🏼






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