We Create Our Own Reality

We create our own reality.

While we can accept that about working with the law of attraction, while we understand that practicing gratitude and positivity acts like a magnet, while we know how to manifest more of the same goodness into our lives, we can actually benefit from accepting that the same applies for the things we didn’t think we wanted, the issues that surface, and the lessons that we have to face too.

When you catch yourself wondering why things always happen to you, try flipping that question around and taking responsibility for whatever you’re facing. You know everything is a lesson, that everything happens for a reason but, instead of wondering why the universe has done this to you, what if you adjusted your perspective to ask yourself why YOU would create these circumstances for yourself? What would YOU be trying to teach YOURSELF by creating whatever you’re going through?

It’s an effective trick that helps you listen to your intuition, see what the reason is for anything that comes up, learn the lesson quicker, push through to the revelation you need to reach, and take back the power over your experience as the co-creator of your own life 🙏🏼






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