It Begins Within, It Transforms Without

It begins within, it transforms without.

Like putting your oxygen mask on before you help the children with theirs, fill yourself up, hold space for yourself, practice self-care and nourish your own experience, so that you can assist anyone that crosses your path and needs your help. The more we learn, the more we have to share, the more we can help others. Whatever has benefited you will benefit someone else, everything you’ve learnt and experienced is valuable, especially to others who haven’t come as far as you have. You can help them. You can hold out a hand to help them cross that bridge, you can draw them the map to follow in your direction.

By having open conversations, by sharing your anecdotes and stories, by recommending resources you’ve stumbled across, you might change someone’s life. Just because someone else taught you something doesn’t mean you can’t pass it on, that’s all any of us set out to do, to share, to help, to teach. So don’t keep it to yourself, don’t be scared of sounding stupid, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. You can’t predict which seemingly meaningless string of words you speak, are the magic ingredient that someone needs to hear. You have no way of knowing whether that someone was drawn to you, in that moment, to learn the lesson, they would only be open to hearing from you. Even if they don’t react or respond, you could be triggering another conversation between them and someone else, causing a ripple effect of growth, with no idea of the value you have passed on. So share, openly, without condition, without judgement, without holding back, without choosing for someone else what they need you to say or not say 🙏🏼






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