Let Your Inner Child Out to Play

Let your inner child out to play.

Some six months ago I spent four days on retreat with @theascensionseed where my inner child was invited to come to the surface, and she went straight for this tyre swing on the grounds, giggling and swinging, running around being silly, and laughing with the new friends she had made in the silence of the retreat.

By making peace with that part of me, by reparenting my inner child, by allowing her to have fun and see the less serious side of life, I have become lighter, curious, wide-eyed and open-hearted, exploring the world with childlike wonder, inspiring new creative paths and travelling along with a skip in my step.

Today there was a girl in her twenties, with her earphones in, singing aloud on the tube… she was singing ‘part of your world’ from the little mermaid with a big smile on her face 🧜‍♀️ So many people find a way to balance their day with a little fun, something that makes them smile, and nourishes that forever young part of themselves.

What did you like to do as a child; did you climb trees, play games, draw, paint, sing, or dance around in your room? If you listen carefully you’ll hear your inner child’s cries for attention, and find out what would satisfy their need to be held, by you. Hold space for that part of you and consider, how you could become friends with your inner child 🙏🏼






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