Kerry’s Story

“I’ve been happily living a spiritually conscious life for many years now, following my own dark night of the soul, which took me away from the western, socially conditioned, life I knew and thought I wanted, to Asia and back again. Over the next few years, somewhere between East and West, I ‘found myself’. I didn’t know it at the time, but losing everything I had come to know and love, and hitting rock bottom, was the best thing that ever happened to me.

“Through living and working in Thailand I met some incredible new friends who encouraged my spiritual and self development. Alongside work and writing, this included some time spent at Plum Village in Khao Yai, living simply and practicing Meditation and Mindfulness with the Vietnamese Buddhist Monks, under the tutelage of Thich Nhat Hanh. I trained to Level 2 in Usui Reiki Healing in Chiang Mai, and re-centred in Bali, at the Blooming Lotus Yoga & Meditation retreat, where I also learnt the basics of Ayurveda before returning to the UK.

“Like all of us, I am always learning and growing, seeking the life lessons that come up through my own experiences, facing my fears, and embracing my triggers to address deep-rooted issues. I love learning and study whatever calls me, indulging my curiosity by consuming self-help books and resources, as well as exploring my own spiritual coaching with other guides and new friends like The Ascension Seed. I practice a combination of Reiki and Transcendental Meditation as part of my routine, work with Crystals, read Oracle Cards, and gratefully manifest my own abundance through the Law Of Attraction. Even though I know what I know, I am still surprised whenever my life levels up and I feel like I’ve had another upgrade. It’s magical.”