Why have coaching with me?

As a qualified life coach, and soon to be published author, I have helped a multitude of clients over more than a decade. I thrive on making dreams come true, with first-hand experience of self-development and spiritual awakening processes. I’ve done the research so you don’t have to, and I can recommend the best books and guides I’ve come across to support your journey as well.

I love to coach those who are committed to doing the work on themselves, who want to take control of their mind, body, and soul, with a compassionate and understanding guide who will facilitate the inner work, accountability and guidance on this ongoing process.

I want to make a difference by passing on my knowledge of the spiritual life, spiritual awakening, dark nights of the soul, meditation, self-care practices, setting boundaries, navigating the twin flame journey, and upgrading life using the manifesting principles of the law of attraction.

It’s easy to take the sessions

I coach remotely via Zoom to anywhere in the world at times that suit my clients. Some of my clients have been in Thailand, Sweden, the USA, and all across the UK.