It Takes One

Single One to One Coaching Session

Why have coaching with Kerry?

Kerry has first-hand experience of the self-development work we all need to do – working with the law of attraction, re-parenting the inner child, practicing self-care, raising self-worth, setting boundaries, rising up through spiritual awakening, navigating the twin flame journey, working with our intuition, practicing mindfulness, tailoring individual full moon rituals, turning negatives into positives, uncovering the lessons in any situation, and learning from dark nights of the soul to find the life-changing elements hidden underneath.

As a qualified life coach, and soon to be published author, Kerry has committed to doing this work, and wants to make a difference. She has naturally helped a multitude of people, over more than a decade of supporting others, through a lengthy array of work experience in care, education, and coaching that led her to here. She thrives on making dreams come true, she’s done the research so you don’t have to, and she can recommend the best books and guides she’s come across to support your journey as well.

Who is this coaching for?

Kerry really loves to coach those who are committed to doing the work on themselves, who want to upgrade their lives, who want to move forwards towards their goals, dreams, and ambitions, who are open to discovering what’s been holding them back, and are prepared to have authentic, unbiased, non-judgemental conversations to get to the root cause of the work that needs to be done.

We each need to take responsibility for our own lives, and accept that we made choices that got us to where we are today. We can only change our own behaviour, but we can be supported by someone else as we do that. We can travel alongside a compassionate and understanding guide who will facilitate the necessary inner work, hold us accountable, and steer us in the right direction. There is no hierarchy here, we all have a unique perspective, and lessons to learn from each other. Even coaches need coaches.

How do coaching sessions work?

Your introductory life coaching session will get Kerry up to speed on your individual interests, needs, and self-development style, and all sessions will follow a structure of intuitive coaching based on what you’re experiencing, which lessons are surfacing for you, suggested practices, possible next steps, and task-setting to work on in your own time.

It’s easy to take the sessions – Kerry coaches remotely via video call, such as Zoom or Skype, to anywhere in the world, working around timezone differences, schedules and lifestyles in order to make it convenient for you.

Each session lasts an hour and costs £75. Once you’ve contacted Kerry, and discussed what you’re looking for, you’ll be given access to her calendar to book in. You can book an individual session whenever you need to, or regular fortnightly or monthly sessions to suit your lifestyle. There’s no obligation to have more than one, or even keep to a regular pattern, if you prefer to just book a session whenever you need it. Let’s co-create something that works for you.

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