Law of Attraction Coaching

I’m feeling super energised by the wisdom Kerry’s passed on to me. I feel nourished with her unique ingredients of holding space, connection and empowerment. I’m so ready to take the next steps now. I can do this…yes!! Thank you for making me feel like a queen. I am so grateful.

Jana Henley

“I love your way of looking at things. So glad you found your way in the East and returned to us in the West to share your learnings.”

Laura Williams

It Takes One

Single One to One Coaching Session

It takes one person to change your life, you. And sometimes it just takes one session to find clarity or closure. This is for you if you want a single one to one coaching session with Kerry, to chat about where you’re at and how the law of attraction is showing up in your life. If you’ve got an idea of the process, but there’s something missing, or you think you need to tweak what you’re already doing to make it work for you, you’re welcome to book a single session. Together we’ll explore how you can adapt your current approach to the challenge you’re facing and move forwards towards your next life upgrade.

The Lifelong Toolkit

An 8 Week One to One Coaching Package

The Lifelong Toolkit has been designed to take you through the full background and 5 step process of the Law of Attraction with private coaching from Kerry. Over 8 weeks you will have weekly one to one video call coaching sessions, customised advice based on your circumstances, complete workbooks with customised meditations, journaling, gratitude practices and more. This personal toolkit will be co-created by the two of us to set you up for life, so that you have everything you need to work with the Law of Attraction and keep moving through your life upgrades.