To Be Truly Seen

Oh to be seen. To be truly seen.

That’s what all of us really want, to be seen for who we are in all of our vulnerable authenticity. To be held in view by another without judgement, without criticism, without needing to change or adapt to fit their idea of who we should be. To be fully ourselves, say whatever is on our minds, express our innermost secrets, thoughts, inspirations and ideas without any fear of mockery or exclusion. That’s the holy grail of a conscious human experience.

Yet to be truly seen is also the most terrifying fear we hold, to be seen with all our flaws, our mistakes, our vulnerable authenticity, our weird quirky approach to life, for all the ways we don’t conform to what we should or shouldn’t be. To be seen and judged for our secret internal world is the one thing that prevents our growth, prevents us setting a true example to others, and prevents us putting ourselves forward when we really want to. We choose, instead, to share the highlight reel like everyone else, comparing and contrasting our display with theirs, even though we know life doesn’t look the way any of us present it to the world.

We’re scared of having the one thing we want and it really is that simple. Being truly unconditionally seen is on the other side of our stifling fear of actually being seen 🙏🏼






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